Screen Time Checklist Printable

My boys love video games more than any other activity and would gleefully play the entire day away if they were allowed to. Now, I’m a full time artist & illustrator who works from home and instead of daycare, I manage my work time with being the boys full time caregiver. While it is very tempting to make my life easier (and quieter) by sending the boys downstairs to build worlds in Mine-craft, I decided instead to make my own screen time check-list so they could “earn” screen time. This list was built for my boys who have used it for 2 years so it works well for a 6 - 10 year old.

So go ahead, print it out.. You need to decide how much this list is worth in screen time (for our home it’s 2 hours and a bonus 1 hour at the bottom). May I suggest laminating it and sticking it to the fridge so the kids can reference it throughout the day. This list takes hours to do and it’s fun, promotes independence and responsibility and if you’re like me, it will keep your cat litter box clean all summer long!

Photo 2019-07-26, 12 41 30 PM.jpg