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Who am I?

I'm a mother, wife and internationally published illustrator & artist.

I make original illustrations, hand carved relief sculptures, paintings and prints on wood.

My studio is located in Sherwood Park, AB, Canada.

For licensing inquiries, contact Crystal's agent at Cypress Fine Art Licensing. 



I admit I had another illustration in the works for this project but am currently putting my website together and found a painting I did last year that fits. Only the alien has killed said sprout... (bad alien!) This painting was a self promotional piece: a bookmark that I am going to eventually make into a series of fun little oddities.

Painted on rough wood. Approx original size: 4x13".

If you havn't already check out my mermaid painting a couple of blogs ago. I finally finshed the piece!


I've been so terribly busy working on my website the last three days (hence hardly any new sketches). I patiently wait for approval on photographs I took of some products I illustrated while at my last employment so that I can start doing the "behind the scenes" part of the website (ok, my husband is going to help me actually "make the buttons work". What on earth would I do without his help that amazing man?).

I had to cancel my "make things for Etsy" crafty day with some cool gal pals of mine. I bought a block to stick knives in from the thrift store which I am going to paint up all funky with cool cows and chickens and things. I adore painting farm animals. I hope to charge at least $40 for it and want to charge more but frankly who would spend more than $30 on a knife block even if it was hopelessly cool in the kitchen? I guess if it never sells I will put it in my kitchen and all the other kitchens on the block will go over the edge in jelousy. Take that.

I will let you all know when my website is working. Right now I'm almost done the "information" section which outlines a bit about me, my contact info, links to cool places like this blog (how exciting) and a picture of myself. My husband thinks it's terribly cheesy to have a picture of myself on my website (I think it's pro and cute...) but I rather enjoy it. Does anyone else have an opinion on this matter?



After many weeks painting after work and on weekends I am proud to bring you my mermaid. I produced her because I was tired of working with tight deadlines and as you may have noticed, I LOVE mermaids! The ocean is such a vast unexplored place and it's right here on this planet. Who is to say merpeople do not exist? I would dare to say that they are probably not as "human" looking at my painting is but maybe they have hair like seaweed and sea animals flock to them. If you are a careful observer of ocean creatures you will notice several things. The first is that there are two fictional animals in this piece (you guess which). The second is that some of these species do not belong together (and no, not "shark and little fish, I'm thinking more geographically). I wanted to paint something that reminded me of the great barrier reef, which I visited a couple of years ago. It's so packed full of creatures of different sorts that it's hard to turn in each direction and not bump into something.

New species of fish are being discovered all the time. Coral reef populations in many parts of the world are being fished by dynamite (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc) which is devestating the fish population and reef life and therefore must be respected, documented and painted (haha, cue for me). Fish are such amazing creatures too! Did you know that salmon return to the same river they hatched in to spawn? Some shark species do not lay eggs but rather bare live young. Every place you turn there is a wonderful new creature doing something amazing.

Why not paint it!


Illustration Friday: RED

Click on image for better preview.

This little illustration is a product of staying up too late. It evolved into a representation of what employers imagine their employees capable of (or want them to be). Unrealistic expectations of the multi tasking angel who is diligent, ontime always and stays indifferent to office politics.


Today was my first "free" working day. I finished the cover to the handbook (only three more illustrations to go, whew!) but cannot post it here (hark! Must wait until it is published, if it does get chosen). I was invited to subcontract at my old employment and am waiting to review the contract to decide what to pursue.

After the meeting, however, I rushed to Chapters and bought two very important books: 1). 2007 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market and 2). Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market. If you have never heard of these books I would suggest you go out and read them (even if you have to read them while sitting in the middle of the business aisles in Chapters). Handy little guys, let me tell you.

Time ticks on by as I try to get lots of art completed before the big book show in New York. That's right, in case I havn't said so earlier I am going to Book Expo America to talk to publishers and hopfully make a couple contacts. Maybe learn a bit more about the big guns... who knows?