My business is officially up and running. I already have one logo finished with the help of my husband (who is also a graphic designer) and the second logo is in very close to final approval. There are three children's books in the quoting stages and a possible ongoing group of contract work through my last employment (a local publisher).

I had a big "open for business" party last night with so many wonderful people I have known throughout the years. They seemed to like my mermaid painting, which I must admit is going rather slowly these last few weeks due to other more pressing portfolio matters. (I am doing a large piece on wood that is full of fish, coral and other oddities. I've always wanted to complete a painting that reminded me of the great barrier reef, which I visited in February of 2005). However! I have a good start on the handbook painting which is encouraging. I almost want to redo it though because I'm simply hating the darn paper I've chosen to paint it on.

So here officially begins my illustration "journey".


I completed this odd sketch while watching Hero last night. I got so lost in the crazy shading that I finished quite late. I should probably get onto painting some things so that I have actual color work in here...

thanks gabe for signing my guestbook, first to sign!


Today's sketch is a little bitty of fun I created at Christmas time. I dreamed up Samuel's story as such: a lonely musician playing for coins on the street, happy as can be. There are ideas that involve Sam travelling with his guitar and singing on the road, gathering different friends and contacts until someone trys to sign him. Samuel doesn't feel this would be good for him but signs anyway and eventually... well heck! I can't ruin the end of the story. Stay tuned to find out about Sam!


I am rather excited to get back to painting today. Yesterday consisted of much figuring out of web material (setting up a flickr account, scanning like crazy and waiting for my husband to finish playing xbox live so that the internet could work again... or just go to sleep because the playing never stopped!). I have a really good sketch done for the cover of that teenage handbook. (and no, it's not the mermaid picture on here) I think that I can not attach it to this blog until after the contest runs it's course as I wouldn't want unpublished material to surface before the publishers had their run of it (that is IF I win the contest which may prove difficult).

I have also discovered a marvelous website called which I am going to join as soon as I have 20 of my own pieces (unless of course I can get my current employeer's permission, which would be so great and save so much time). Here's hoping!

In the meantime, enjoy a sketch I put together at my parents house on the farm. I really enjoy drawing mermaids. There is something so exotic about them. You can put anyone's face on the body but as soon as you add that tail it's a whole new dimension.


Unfortunately for me, I have to completely redo my portfolio of four years (having been under a work for hire contract as a full time employee.) so most of my work for now is still in the sketching phase. Keep checking for updates as I finish paintings and upload sketches.

This week has been quite surreal. I am still at the local publishing house for one week and each day that I return it feels like nothing has happened and life is going to continue like always. Yet I have this wonderful sense of hope and excitement that I can't seem to shake off so I guess it must be real. I have been so fortunte to have worked with such amazing people. They are so talented, inspiring and hard working and most of all have become dear friends.

This picture was done over Christmas holidays. I really love drawing girls with weird necks (not sure why!) and odd creatures are of course one of the coolest things in the world. Sigh...